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Dammam, SA
Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Salasel Offshore believes in Continuous Professional Development. Training, development and upgrading of knowledge is a continuous process vital for staying on par with technological innovations and customer aspirations will always be a step ahead in the tough, competitive business world.

Salasel Offshore offers highly cost-effective trainings for our esteemed clients without compromising on quality. We host highly qualified, professionally adept and certified trainers / consultants with umpteen experiences from top ranked Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Power companies and the business sector as well. Our training programs comprise of customized tailor-made courses according to each client’s exclusive needs. Our highly dedicated team of trainers would be your perfect partner in

imparting ‘hands on’ technical training to employees and boosting them towards achieving set goals, where we aim to add value to your organization.

We have the following courses and training packages on order. Additional courses can be arranged on a case by case basis.


  • VTS – Vessel Traffic Services (As per IALA Guidelines & Recommendations)
  • PMIS – Port Management Information System
  • Introduction to Shipping Business
  • Brokerage & Chartering (Offshore, Tanker, Sale & Purchase)
  • Basics of Ship Management
  • BOSIET Training Course
  • Loading Master Course (For Ports & Terminals)
  • Qualified Commercial Diving Course